Why Florida Restaurant Owners Need Umbrella Insurance

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Why Florida Restaurant Owners Need Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes accidents happen when you least expect them. Umbrella insurance acts as a safety net in these situations. Umbrella insurance is a form of supplemental coverage that covers you when you have reached your liability limits on other insurance policies. If you are involved in a serious liability dispute, umbrella insurance will step in to prevent you from losing your assets through litigation.

If you are a Pinecrest, FL business owner in the restaurant industry, umbrella insurance can prevent you from losing your business. Owning a restaurant leaves you vulnerable to multiple risks. Perhaps one of your customers slips and falls while walking into your restaurant and breaks their leg. The customer decides to pursue legal action. If your liability limits are maxed out, you will have to cover the injured party’s medical treatment out of your assets unless you have umbrella insurance. Perhaps you serve an extra glass of alcohol to the wrong customer, and they get behind the wheel while drunk and cause a serious accident. Your business will be held responsible for the damages. Umbrella insurance can prevent you from losing everything that you have worked for in this situation.

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