Protecting Your Boat in International Waters

How Reliable is Your Boat Insurance in International Waters?

Living in Pinecrest, FL, provides many amenities, including quick access to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a boat owner’s paradise, permitting exciting water trips to Coral Gables or Palmetto Bay. But some daring adventurers venture beyond neighborly shores into international waters. If you’re one, the question of how far your boat insurance extends might cross your mind. Let’s explore this.

Boat Insurance and International Waters

Your boat insurance typically safeguards you within U.S. navigable waters. This means any water body within U.S. borders that can be navigated, such as rivers, lakes, and streams. However, what happens when your seafaring tendencies lead you into the Atlantic Ocean’s international waters?

With Hamilton Fox & Company Inc., your boat insurance can be extended to cover excursions into international waters with an additional rider. Without this specific addition, your boat policy would not protect you in these waters.

Implications of Sailing International Waters Without Adequate Coverage

Without the international waters rider, any accident or mishap would lead to out-of-pocket expenses. What’s more, if you cause an accident, there are potential legal implications, with some countries enacting severe punishments for boating without appropriate insurance.

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