What Does Workers Comp Insurance Provide?

When you are a business owner or manager, there are many crucial decisions that you will have to make. One important decision you’ll have to make is to pick the right insurance policy. One type of business insurance that you will need to have is commercial workers compensation insurance. For those in the Pinecrest, FL area, workers comp insurance can provide many different benefits to you and your employees.

Medical Benefits

The first thing that workers compensation insurance will provide is medical benefits coverage to those that are injured while working on the job. This type of insurance coverage specifically provides coverage to individuals that are injured while working at their job. As opposed to having to use their own insurance coverage, the workers’ comp policy will provide necessary medical benefits to ensure they are taken care of while in the hospital.

Lost Wages

If someone is injured while they are working on the job, the workers’ comp medical benefits will be beneficial. However, they still will not be able to work for a period as they recover from their injuries. An employer will be able to take out a workers comp policy that will provide the employee with pay while they are recovering from their injuries. It can also provide extended disability coverage to those that incur more serious injuries and cannot work for a while. 

Business owners that are in the Pinecrest, FL area and need more help in picking a workers compensation insurance policy should consider contacting Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. When you reach out to Hamilton Fox & Company Inc., we can give you more guidance as to what type of commercial insurance you need and will work to make sure your questions are answered. Reach out to our offices for more information.