Home Insurance: What It Really Protects You From

When you have a home insurance policy, you feel safe and protected. But what does that policy really cover, and how safe is your Pinecrest, FL area home? At Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. we want to help you answer those questions. It’s very important that you have the right insurance coverage, especially in an area where you can be subjected to a weather event such as a hurricane. Most home insurance policies don’t cover hurricanes, and you need to add additional protection in the form of hurricane buydown insurance. If you have a mortgage, your lender will likely require that, in addition to your regular home policy.

So what’s covered on the standard policy? Most things are generally covered. Hurricanes, floods, and some other types of events won’t be on a standard policy. But if you have a fire, a break-in, or other typical homeowner issues, you can expect to have coverage. Just to be safe, and to have peace of mind, you should talk to your agent and make certain what your policy really covers. You don’t want to get caught unaware, especially after you’ve experienced a serious event at your home. It’s much better to know what’s covered and what isn’t before you may need to make a claim.

If you have questions about your Pinecrest, FL area home insurance policy, come talk to us at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. We’ll answer your questions and give you information, so you can make an informed choice about your policy. If you need to change, add, or adjust coverage, we can help you do that, too. Our agents are knowledgeable and trained, so you can get the peace of mind and the security you’re looking for in your home insurance policy when you work with us.