Don’t Put Your Livelihood at Risk – Get Farm insurance Today

Are you an individual who farms for a living? If so, being self-employed requires you to have protection for your farm. Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. is an insurance agency that serves the area in and around Pinecrest, FL. We can protect your farm with the insurance you need in case of a disaster.

Agriculture is among one of the most dangerous industries and impacts society by supporting livelihoods. It provides food, jobs, and raw materials for many products and helps build a strong economy through trade.

Farm workers are at risk for both nonfatal and fatal injuries. The workers are mainly outdoors in harsh conditions providing the fuel, food, and fiber we need. They need to be protected by insurance.

Like standard homeowners insurance coverage, farm insurance will protect your home and its contents. It also provides liability protection for bodily injury, medical expenses, and property damage. Farm insurance will cover any legal fees for a farm-related injury and resulting damage.

While farm insurance provides coverage for your livestock and machinery, it does not cover your crops. Crop insurance protects farmers against financial losses due to unforeseen perils that arise from crop failure or losses beyond their control. This coverage is administered by the USDA Risk Management Agency and offers many different plans for crops and livestock.

If farming is your livelihood of choice, make sure you are protected. Without this coverage, you run the risk of financial devastation. So many things can impact its success. A weather event, insect infestation, or diseased cattle can significantly harm a farmer.

If you live in or near Pinecrest, FL allows the insurance professionals at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. to discuss with you further how you can benefit from this vital protection. Contact them today. You will be glad you did.