When is it time to update my life insurance?

Life insurance should not be a static thing. It should change and evolve as your needs grow or shrink. The life insurance that you need when you are 25 may not be the same amount that you need when you are 35, 45 or 75. How do you know when it is time to take a good look at your life insurance needs? If you live on or near Pinecrest, FL a visit to the office of Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. can provide the answers that you need to make an informed decision.

As a young person, you probably need less life insurance that you will need as you grow older. If you are single and don’t own a home, you likely have fewer obligations and you only need enough life insurance to pay off any debt you may have such as a car loan or credit card debt and to pay your final expenses.

As a 35-year-old you may have a family and a mortgage and you are at a time in life when you may need to have a lot more life insurance. You need to provide a security blanket for your spouse/partner and your children as well as paying off a mortgage and any other debt.

As a 45-year-old you may have to consider not only your own family but you may be helping aging relatives and you may be thinking ahead to the college tuition that your children will need. This may be the time when you need to reevaluate how much life insurance you have.

As a 75-year-old you may be alone or living with just one other person. You may no longer own a home and your requirements will have decreased. You still want to make sure that you provide for your significant other but the amount of support is likely not as high as it was when you were younger.

Making sure that your life insurance changes with the many seasons of your life is something that the agents at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. would be happy to discuss with you. Why not give them a call at their office in Pincecrest, FL.