Building a Deck ?- Is Your Home Insurance Going to Change?

At Hamilton Fox & Company, Inc. in Pinecrest, FL, We Want You to Be Better Safe Than Sorry

Once you begin a renovation project that includes digging large holes into your deck, it is important to consider what you may uncover in that beautiful backyard of yours. Some homeowners find that they have sinkholes in their yards which could pose a significant danger to the members of the family.

How the deck will be approached from the main structure of your home is an item that you will want to communicate to your agent. Your agent may ask you some of the following questions about your new deck:

  • How the deck will be exited and how many exits are to be constructed?
  • Will it include fencing?
  • What are the exact measurements of the deck?

Adding a deck increases the value of the home considerably. Having a discussion with your insurance agent is a smart way to learn how this undertaking can affect your policy. If you are adding a spa or other expensive amenities to your new deck area, you may want to add more loss protection and liability components to your policy.  

Your insurer may require that you hire a general contractor who is adequately insured against being a hindrance to your home improvement. Through all of these considerations, it is inevitable that your insurance policy will change, but that doesn’t mean necessarily that the rate will increase.  

Come in today to discuss how Hamilton Fox & Company, Inc. in Pinecrest, FL can help you develop a homeowners insurance policy that will be a comprehensive tool in protecting your Florida home. Whether or not you are considering a renovation at this time, having a great policy is priceless as you assume the responsibility of home ownership.