Comprehensive vs Collision: Which One Do You Need?

Comprehensive and collision insurance are two of the most common types of auto insurance policies. The agents of Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. offer all types of auto insurance to the clients they serve in Pinecrest, FL. They can also answer any questions their clients may have about the differences between comprehensive and collision coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage covers all types of events and is often required if you are still making payments on your banknote/loan. Comprehensive not only covers collision, it also includes theft, vandalism, and windshield replacement. Comprehensive is designed to cover repairs that will help the car maintain its value while the bank still holds the title. If an accident occurs, the comprehensive policy is used to pay off the rest of the money owed on the vehicle.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance only covers damages that are the result of a collision. Collision insurance normally consists of property damage insurance and personal injury liability to cover damages to the vehicle as well as any injuries that may have been incurred. With collision insurance, the money is paid out so that repairs can be made. If the car is totaled, the owner will get a check for the value of the car.

At Hamilton Fox & Company Inc., agents serve the residents of PInecrest, FL. They provide answers to many of the frequently asked questions their customers have concerning the different types of auto insurance policies. By explaining the differences between comprehensive and collision policies, clients can choose the type of policy that best suits their needs. If you have questions about your auto insurance, call an agent today and get the answers you’re looking for.