What You Need to Know about Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The Importance of Protecting Your Business and Employees

If you’re a business owner or manager, securing workers’ compensation insurance for employees injured at work is non-negotiable. Operating in Pinecrest, FL, Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. is poised to help navigate suitable insurance options that cater to your business needs. Since 2016, we’ve supported multiple businesses in the region.

Procedure for Reporting Employee Injuries

Managers must correctly instruct their employees on reporting work injuries. Employees should immediately complete a written report of the injury, preferably including photographs of visible injuries and related equipment. Witness accounts, if present, should be taken and documented.

Steps Following an Employee Injury

Post-injury, the employee should alert the on-duty supervisor, who will authorize them to visit an approved physician for an examination. Subsequently, the physician’s report should be forwarded to the Human Resources department and the workers’ compensation insurance provider. A representative from HR and the insurance firm will then reach the injured worker to discuss treatment protocols at an approved facility.

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