To Catch a Pest: Home Insurance Concerns And Varment Control

Is There A Circus Upstairs?

Unfortunately, If you have owned your home long enough, you have been treated to the personal circus that has visited the homes of millions of homeowners. The circus better known as “squirrels in the attic” has extensively traveled across the country and abroad.  Those agents at Hamilton Fox & Company who own their homes and those who do not are quite familiar with the phenomena.  It is not specific to our location in Pinecrest, FL and we have assisted the locals as well as the clients we serve in the surrounding areas.

When a creature has entered the home, it usually involves property damage to the structure. Homes are made to keep creatures out. Therefore it stands to reason that if something has entered the home without your knowledge, it is due to their being a hole or some other structural damage to the home. Your policy must be reviewed to ensure that the damage to the structure of your home is protected. The agent will review the type of damage. The amount of wear and tear that your home has incurred. The amount of time that has transpired since the section of your home that has been damaged has been initially installed or has been repaired or maintained.

A quick call to your agent is in order before you embark on your catching expedition as many homeowners exacerbate the damage.

Nature happens, but the skilled professionals employed at Hamilton Fox & Company serving Pinecrest, FL and the surrounding areas are trained to ask the right questions and make fair and accurate assessments to ensure that natural wildlife stays on the outside of your home where they belong. After the circus has left town your home will be no worse for a visit.