How boat insurance works

.Boats are great for leisure activities and for water transportation. However, boats are relatively expensive investments that must be properly secured through reliable insurance coverage. While there are several boat insurance options out there, choosing the right policy is never a walk in the park. Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. can help you understand how boat insurance works in Pinecrest, FL, then you can choose what works best for your specific needs. Boat insurance works by providing the following protections:

Physical Damage Coverage

When cruising on the waters, your boat is faced with multiple risks like hitting another boat or obstacle. In case such damages occur, boat insurance will provide compensation for the cost of repair or even replacement of your boat in case of a total loss.

Liability Coverage

This coverage is more about other parties that you come in contact with as you ride your boat. If you happen to cause an accident with you boat and damage other people’s properties or inflict injuries to third parties, your boat insurance will cater for the losses. It covers legal fees when you’re sued and medical expenses for the injured persons.

Medical Coverage

Additional coverages like medical coverage can be included in your boat insurance. It caters for the medical expenses when you and your passengers are injured in a boat accident regardless of who is at fault. That way, you won’t worry about paying such high bills out of pocket.

Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. specializes in customizing boat insurance coverages that suit the unique needs of boat owners in Pinecrest, FL. Head straight to our website and learn about the several insurance options on offer. You can also give us a call and speak to one of our friendly agents.