Flooding can Happen at Anytime

Severe weather changes have become common in most areas of the country. Flooding can happen to any area and is no longer concerted just in coastal areas. Flood insurance is designed to defray the expensive costs associated with flooding events. At Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. in Pinecrest, FL, we can help you to find the coverage you need against costly flooding losses.

Any Area Can Experience Severe Flooding

People often think flooding occurs primarily in inland areas. Still, residents of inland areas know that flooding can occur anywhere near a river or stream during periods of heavy rain. Florida’s summer hurricanes often produce these rains, and the low-lying regions or areas where the topography has been changed by new development can find themselves experiencing deep water in streets and yards that can even creep into building interiors.

Flood Insurance Offers A Variety of Protections

Policies cover such items as electrical and plumbing systems, drywall replacement, carpeting, water heaters, and staircases. But it will also cover furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, washers, and dryers. Other items may be covered to a certain level. 

Choose Hamilton Fox & Company Inc For Your Flood Insurance Coverage

You may have questions about what is covered or how much coverage you need. Our agents can provide detailed answers that will help you make your decision. Our agency offers home, auto, commercial, boat, and umbrella policies. Contact Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. in Pinecrest, FL today for a no-obligation quote on insurance that will protect your home against expensive flood damage.