Does Your Boat Insurance Cover Damages Sustained During Seasonal Storage?

The agents at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. offer sound advice to Pinecrest, FL residents and those around Florida who have questions concerning boat insurance. We understand that you need sufficient coverage at all times, whether your boat is in the water, on the road, or being stored during the off-season. It’s crucial to maintain coverage throughout the year so that your boat is ready for the water when you are ready to use it.

What Constitutes "Seasonal" Storage?

Seasonal storage is used when your boat is going to remain out of the water for an extended period, normally longer than three to four months. Preparation for seasonal storage includes winterizing the gas lines and any water lines that may be present. The oil is changed, and the boat is cleaned both inside and out, making sure any debris is removed that could damage the interior or dull the finish.

Should Your Boat Be Protected During Seasonal Storage?

Maintaining a sufficient amount of insurance during seasonal storage is important. This type of insurance protects against vandalism, theft, and other forms of damage that can be caused while the boat is in storage. It will also cover damage to the watercraft if the building it’s stored in is damaged by weather. Many times, this results in damage to the vehicles and boats contained inside. Storage insurance is essential and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if your vessel is still relatively new.

In Pinecrest, FL, residents are encouraged to call Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. if they have questions concerning the limitations of their current boat insurance policy or to learn more about the amount of insurance that is needed to remain adequately protected throughout the year. Don’t leave your boat at risk. Make sure you have the coverage you need at all times!