Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Protect You Against Floods In Your Car?

Generally Speaking, Flood Insurance Is For Your Home – Right? 

Those three hundred dollar headphones were left in your car after the gym and way before you had the chance to view the weather report. Good thing your sister warned you in time, and you were able to move your car out of the general flood zone. What she nor you could anticipate was that the flood zone extended past the normal parameters and your car was flooded. Hamilton Fox & Company staffers are quite knowledgeable on what type of insurance policy would cover the present situation you find yourself in. Located in Pinecrest, FL we serve our town as well as the surrounding areas.

This is not something that happens everyday, but floods are a catastrophe that happens often and requires special insurance usually. When it comes to protecting your car comprehensive auto insurance covers the operation and the damage to your car in the event of a flood. This coverage comes into effect once your comprehensive insurance deductible is paid. If you carry the minimum of liability insurance coverage on your vehicle, the impact of flooding on your car will not be covered at all. It is important to talk with your insurance agent regarding whether or not property in your vehicle damaged in flood would be covered even with comprehensive or full coverage auto insurance. An umbrella policy may be a better arm of insurance to cover for property damage in an auto flood situation.

The agents at Hamilton Fox & Company located in Pinecrest, FL are here to answer detailed questions regarding your policy. Please contact us today to discuss protecting your car before a flood in your area happens – forewarned is forearmed.