Why should I get workers comp insurance in Florida?

The Pinecrest, FL area has continued to be a great place to own a business. When you are going to start a business in this area of the state, you need to ensure that you get the right insurance for it. A type of insurance that all businesses should consider getting is workers comp insurance. There are several reasons why you should get this coverage here.

Protection for Employees

A key reason that you need to get a workers comp insurance plan is that it can provide protection for your employees. If someone is injured while they are at work you will want to ensure that they have the protection needed. With a workers comp insurance plan, they can get the coverage that can offset all related expenses including missed wages and medical bills. This coverage offers great protection for both the employees and the business.

Legal Requirement

For a business in Florida, having a workers comp insurance plan is also often a requirement. It is well known how much value a worker’s comp insurance plan can provide to someone. To ensure that employees all over the state are properly protected, businesses that have a certain amount of employees are required to carry this coverage at all times. 

A company that operates in the Pinecrest, FL area needs to make sure that they get proper insurance protection. When you are going to purchase a workers comp plan here, it is important that you speak with someone that understands this type of coverage. The team at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. can help you build and choose a plan that is ideal for your situation. Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. is able to do this by assessing your business risks and building a plan accordingly. 

Does my Pinecrest business need workers comp insurance?

Owning a business in the Pinecrest, FL area is a great option. If you are going to start a business here, there are a lot of important decisions that need to be made. One important choice will come when you need to pick a business insurance plan. One type of coverage that you need to get is workers comp insurance. There are a few reasons why you need this coverage. 

Coverage Protects Employees

The main reason that you should obtain workers comp insurance for your business is that it can protect your employees. A good employee is the most valuable resource a company can have. Due to this, it is important that you protect them as well as you can. With a workers comp insurance plan, your team members will receive appropriate compensation if they are injured while working. 

Coverage is Required by Law

You will also want to get a workers comp insurance plan for your business here because it is required by state law. Similar to other states, Florida makes it required for many businesses to get a workers comp insurance plan as it provides protection for employees. The specific requirements vary based on your industry and the number of employees that you employ. It is important to know your specific requirements and to follow them. Those that do not comply could be penalized.

When you want to start a business in the Pinecrest, FL area, it is important to get proper insurance. One type of coverage you may need is workers comp insurance. The team at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. can explain to you the benefits of this coverage and determine if it is needed in your situation. Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. can then help you build a policy that is right for your business. 

Who Needs Boat Insurance in Pinecrest, FL?

If you live in the city of Pinecrest, FL, you might be wondering about different types of insurance, such as boat insurance. If you want to know more about boat insurance, you should consider the expertise of an insurance agency such as Hamilton Fox & Company Inc.

It might be somewhat confusing to think about whether or not you should get boat insurance. The truth is that boat insurance is not a requirement in Florida, but this does not mean that you should forget all about it. If you end up having a mishap that results in damages to your boat and does not have boat insurance, you will likely have to incur great costs to replace it. Most of the time, homeowners insurance is not going to cover your boat or any medical bills that could need to be paid if anyone happens to be injured by your boat while it is operating or in storage.

Essentially, if you know that you would have to struggle to repair or replace your boat with out-of-pocket costs, you are in need of boat insurance. Boat insurance can cover a variety of events, such as damage that is caused by a collision, property damage to another watercraft or bodily harm to another person for which you are at fault, stolen or damaged equipment on your boat, towing of disabled watercraft, and other types of damage that could occur (in storage, in transit, or in the water).

If you reside in Pinecrest, FL, you should feel free to contact the professionals at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. for information about boat insurance. They will be able to answer any questions that you might have and tell you what type of policy you should look for when you are in need of boat insurance.

Why Florida Restaurant Owners Should Consider Umbrella Insurance

Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. serves the Pinecrest, FL community, as well as the surrounding areas, through offering residents insurance coverage. For over 50 years, we have established long-lasting relationships with our clients. We proudly serve the community as an independent agency.

How Umbrella Insurance Covers Restaurants

Umbrella insurance is supplemental coverage that offers another layer of protection besides your traditional insurance policies. As a restaurant owner in the Pinecrest, FL community, you face multiple challenges involving the day to day operations of your business. Umbrella insurance can assist your business in multiple ways.

The primary cause for concern as a restaurant owner is a potential liability dispute. Liability coverage protects you if someone gets injured while visiting your restaurant. However, you have to plan for worst-case scenarios such as someone breaking a bone in a slip and fall accident or spoiled food causing one of your customers to get sick. These are potentially serious liability disputes. Umbrella insurance adds another layer of protection as you deal with the dispute.

Umbrella insurance also protects you if you are involved in a dispute with one of your employees. You may find yourself in a serious liability dispute due to one of your employees suffering a serious injury in the workplace. Perhaps you have to deal with allegations of wrongful termination or discrimination. These are serious issues that could potentially derail the long term future of your business. However, umbrella insurance will cover you during the process.

If you serve liquor at your restaurant, umbrella insurance is especially important. Your business may be held liable for any damages caused by a customer who was intoxicated due to you serving them alcohol. Umbrella insurance will help you cover your business from possibly suffering huge losses.

Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. Will Help You Prepare For The Unexpected

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Why Umbrella Insurance is a Must

When you are likely already purchasing a number of insurance policies to help protect your family and assets such as homeowners and auto insurance it may seem like overkill to purchase an umbrella policy, but the reality is it’s not. Otherwise known as excess liability insurance, an umbrella policy helps to supplement your existing liability coverage for everything from your auto to a homeowners policy. In short, your umbrella policy kicks in when you’ve exhausted your existing liability coverage and helps ensure your assets are safeguarded. 

For example, if you are in an automobile accident that involves multiple third parties being injured and are deemed to be at fault, then you can anticipate being on the hook for thousands and thousands of dollars in damages which can quickly surpass your existing liability coverage. In these situations, your umbrella policy kicks into gear to ensure that you don’t have to cover any excess damages that could leave you in financial ruin. When deciding how much umbrella coverage you need, it’s important to factor in the totality of your assets which could include homes, retirement accounts, investments, and savings. The higher your total assets the more umbrella coverage that you need. Additionally, take risk into account by factoring in your environment such as whether you have a dog that is prone to barking aggressively at strangers or have a pool that all the neighborhood kids use. Similar to your assets, the higher your risk the more umbrella coverage that you may need.

When it comes time to find the right umbrella insurance policy, let the professionals at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. in Pinecrest, FL help. Not only will we take the time to learn about your needs, but also we’ll customize a policy that makes the right sense for you and your family. 

5 ways your employees will benefit from workers comp insurance

Depending on the nature of your business, employees are likely to experience work-related injuries. In the construction or manufacturing industries, these injuries could frequently be resulting in substantial financial obligations for your business. The workers’ compensation insurance is a program that covers your employees against work-related injuries or illness arising from work-related activities. The state mandates this program, and you must speak to one of our agents at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. in Pinecrest, FL on how your company can benefit from worker’s compensation insurance.

Benefits of workers comp insurance

  • Medical expenses

The workers’ comp insurance covers your employees’ medical expenses related to a work-related injury or illness. This may include emergency room visits, surgeries, and doctor’s prescriptions. Some work injuries may be repetitive or occur over a long period of time. Exposure to some work environments may result in long term illnesses which are covered by the workers’ comp insurance.

  • Missed wages

Some work-related injuries may require your employees to stay away from work until they are completely healed. This can be a substantial cost to the company to pay salaries to employees who are not working continually. The workers’ compensation insurance pays your employees wages that miss while recovering from their injuries or illnesses.

  • Disability

Where workers become temporary or permanently disabled, the workers’ comp insurance provides your disabled employees with benefits that help pay their medical bills as well as replace their lost income.

  • Ongoing medical cost

Injuries to the back may require constant physical therapy. This could be expensive for your organization to maintain. The workers’ comp insurance will cover such ongoing costs, including providing the right workplace equipment such as an ergonomic seat the employee may require.

  • Funeral expenses

Sadly, your employee may lose life as a result of a work-related accident. This policy will cover the funeral expenses and provide death benefits to the employee’s beneficiaries.

Please visit our offices or speak to one of our agents at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. in Pinecrest, FL on the many benefits your employees will gain from worker’s comp insurance.

What are the benefits of getting farm insurance?

The farming and agriculture industry continues to be extremely important as it helps to ensure that people all over the world are able to gain access to healthy food. At the same time, those that own farms in the Pinecrest, FL area also own large businesses that could be quite valuable. If you are in the agriculture industry, it is important to protect your farm with proper insurance. There are several benefits that come when you get a full farm insurance policy. 

Liability Protection

If you are an owner of a farm, you are going to be taking on a lot of different liability risks. This could include risks that someone could be injured while they are on your farm or if a product you sell causes an injury or illness to another party. Since the damages associated with this risk could be serious, you will want to make sure that you are properly covered at all times with a farm insurance policy. 

Coverage for Assets

Another reason that you should get farm insurance is that it will give you coverage for your farm’s assets. A farm owner is going to invest a lot in different assets that are needed to build and operate the business. To ensure that these assets are protected, you will need to get farm insurance as it will give you a certain level of coverage for your business assets.

There are a lot of reasons that you should get a farm insurance policy. When you are looking for this insurance, you should reach out to the team at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. The team at Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. can help farm owners all over the Pinecrest, FL area get into insurance policies that protect themselves and their investments. 

Why should I get auto insurance in Florida?

In the Pinecrest, FL area, people will have plenty of access to a lot of local amenities. In order to get around quickly and efficiently, you will need to own a car. When you are looking for a car, you should also spend time thinking about your insurance needs. There are several reasons why someone here should get an auto insurance policy. 

Provides Coverage for Vehicle

One reason that you should get auto insurance in Florida is that it can protect your vehicle. Any vehicle will require you to spend money on the purchase, maintenance, and service. To protect this investment, you need to protect your car with insurance. A full collision and comprehensive insurance policy can provide you with the coverage you need to mitigate the risk of theft or accident damage.

Coverage for Liability Risk

Another risk that you should mitigate is the risk of liability. Those that drive a car are going to frequently take on the risk that they could cause damage in an accident. If this occurs, you will need to pay for the associated damages. Fortunately, you can offset this risk if you are able to get an insurance policy. Auto insurance will include a certain level of auto liability protection that can provide you with ample coverage. 

Having auto insurance in the Pinecrest, FL area is clearly a very important responsibility. If you are looking for a new insurance policy here, you need to make sure you choose the right policy that meets your needs. As you are looking for a new policy, you should call Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. When you speak with Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. you can learn a lot more about what your options are and how you can best mitigate your personal risks. 

How to Create a Safer Home Environment

Home insurance from Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. will protect your Pinecrest, FL home from outside elements that can damage your dwelling or belongings. By improving home safety, you reduce the risk of accidents from within. Here are a few ways to make your home a safer place to live.


Clutter not only looks bad, it increases your risk of accidents. If you have clutter in your hallway or stairs, get rid of it today. You’ll augment your living space and create a safer home environment for you and your family.

Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Make sure your Pinecrest FL home has working smoke detectors in the kitchen and hallways, upstairs and downstairs, as well as a carbon monoxide alarm. Check these regularly to ensure they’re working properly to protect you against fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.  

Upgrade Window and Door Locks

Check the locks on windows and exterior doors to ensure they’re still functioning. If not, upgrade them to enhance home security. Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors as an extra precaution against theft and intrusion.

Store Medications in Safe Location

If you have children in the home, store your medications in a locked cabinet, out of sight and out of mind. Little ones can be very curious. You don’t want your children getting into your prescription drugs, either on purpose or by accident.

Improve Home Ventilation

Poor ventilation can lower air quality in your home, making you more susceptible to respiratory illnesses. To improve ventilation, install ceiling fans, and open windows whenever possible. Good ventilation will keep moisture and mold at bay to prevent health problems.  

Measures that improve safety and security in your home could help lower your home insurance costs. To learn more about home insurance for your Pinecrest, FL home, contact Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. today.

How Does Flood Insurance Work?

Flood insurance is the type of coverage, the purpose of which is to protect your home, your personal belongings, and financial wellbeing in case if your house is damaged by water. Flooding remains one of the most common natural disasters in the United States, which makes flood insurance so important to have. On average, a flood can cause up to $25,000 worth of damage.

The way flood insurance works is similar to your auto or home insurance. If the flood occurred and caused the damage, you need to document everything, file a flood insurance claim, and let a licensed adjuster have a look at the damage in order to process the claim you filed. Once everything is done, your insurance company will give you a check for the damages and you will be able to use it to repair the house and restore whatever was damaged or destroyed. 

It is also important to know that standard home insurance does not cover flood damages. Therefore, even if you have your homeowners’ insurance already, you still need to purchase flood insurance separately to protect your home from a flood. 

There are two ways to purchase food insurance – either through The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or through one of the private insurance companies of your choice. Even though it is not required to have flood insurance in Florida, it is still highly recommended to get one because the entire state of Florida is in a flood zone. 

If you are a resident of the Sunshine State and you are looking for a reliable insurance agency to purchase flood insurance, Hamilton Fox & Company Inc. serving Pinecrest, FL is ready to assist you. Whether you live in Pinecrest, FL or any other surrounding town, give Hamilton Fox & Company Inc a call today to discuss how you can protect your home and belongings from unpredictable flood events.